Memory foam

I wonder if memory pillows hold grudges  how they hold lipstick kisses  and mascara smudges  A spray of perfume  And a splash of cologne  A mixture In A Fixture Of rectangular  foam I wonder if memory pillows remember The night before Christmas that felt like forever The nervous and anxious before the big test Tummy


we promise – though Forever’s impossible – baking uncertainty¬†into the plan. Ignoring every example of ephemeral, setting the cornerstone into the sand. Imagine, instead, being¬†amenable To trying as long as we possibly can Treating each anniversary as the miracle It represents, and we understand

Spring planting

On the way to the plant store Running through my head Is a mixture of hopeful ambition – And dread Each springtime I plant Each summer I preen Each autumn I rant My thumbs are not green Although I do wish My garden would thrive I’d be happy if Some plants do survive