Jungle garden

My garden is full Of tulips that tremble at fierce dandelions Of brave daffodils, And some weed with millions  Of unidentifiable prickles Thorns gently pull Catnips at my heels Limitless tendrils  Of ivy that holds tight, Of crabgrass that Yes, Will And rose buds that Just Might


A sculptor of syllables Keeper of time The flux and the malleable Rhythm of rhyme Explorer of existing Jungle of songs Connector considering Where wonder belongs A seeker of sensemaking Finder of links Unique and ubiquitous Patterns of things


My mom has often said “everyone wants to save the world, but nobody wants to do the dishes”. Today I wonder – what if doing the dishes was saving the world? In the everyday zen Of the land of lost socks I’ll be vacuuming when Opportunity knocks As I’m folding the laundry Or hunting to… Continue reading Dishes 


I don’t know why people shoot other people. Anger? Hatred? Sadness? There are other choices……. A mission of anger Is grief inside out A mission of hatred Is showing self doubt A mission of worry Is bowing to fate A mission of hurry Is just running late As the captain of Any one that you choose A mission… Continue reading Mission